Arduino Debugging – Plot vairables using VisualMicro

VisualMicro is an Arduino IDE for Visual Studio. It can use all of the advantages of visual studio to write arduino programs, solutions, compile it and upload them to any Ardunio compatible boards.

VisualMicro Extension for Visual Studio

This IDE is a free to use extension from the Visual studio marketplace. Easy to download and install it, it really takes just a few minutes/steps to make it available for you to write Arduino programs from visual studio.

VisualMicro Extension for Visual Studio
  • Download the Visual Studio from microsoft
  • Download the Arduino IDE
  • Install the VisualMicro extension from the Visual Studio

To Start using the VisualMicro IDE you have to choose the installed Arduino IDE, the connected board type and the COM port number.

VisualMicro – Select Arduino Version, Board Type and COM port

The IDE is also available to Plot Variables value. In this example I have two random values in the main loop with 500mSec delay. The two integer have the value form 0 to 99 with the random(0,100) fuction.

void loop()
	int randomValue1 = random(0, 100);
	int randomValue2 = random(0, 100);

To make it visible in a plot during running you have to add two breakpoints to the two values. Then select each breakpoint with right click and click on the “Actions…” button.

VisualMicro Plot – Add Breakpoint to the variables lines and select the “Actions…” button

To the “Log amessage to the output window” Type in the following:

Value 1 is {@Plot.Myplot.value1 randomValue1}

For the second vairable breakpoint -> Action Type:

Value 2 is {@Plot.Myplot.value2 randomValue2}
VisualMicro {@Plot…} part in the Breakpoint Action window

“Value 1 is” an optionan debugging string, it can be anything. To make the value visible in a plot the {@Plot……} part is required.

for more detailed instructions about the format follow the guide here:

When you cick on the Compile and upload button the IDE will upload the code to the board and start running. A few seconds after the upload completed the Plot window will appear.

Graph in VisualMicro

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