Arduino MEGA 2560 – Specifications & PINOUT

The Arduino MEGA 2560 is used for project with high I/O number requirements and more flash memory with RAM. 54 Digital Input/Output Port with 16 Analog Inputs gives you enough space for projects like robotics or 3D printing.


Microcontroller TypeATmega2560
Operating voltage5V minimum, 7-12V recommended
Digital Pins54 (15 of them PWM enbaled)
Analog PINS16
DC current maximum20mA for I/O pins, 50mA for 3,3V
Flash Size256 KB (0,5KB used by bootloader)
SRAM size8KB (ATmega2560)
EEPROM4KB (ATmega2560)
Clock Speed16MHz
Size101,52mm * 53,3mm
Arudino MEGA 2560 Specification


Arduino Mega 2560 Pinout

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