Install Mosquitto MQTT Broker on Raspberry Pi

In this post I will show you how to install Mosquitto MQTT broker on Raspberry Pi or Orange Pi embeded systems.


  • Raspberry Pi, or Orange Pi board with debian-based operating system installed on it.
  • Power supply and internet connection to the board

1.: Open a new terminal window

2.: Update the system with:
pi@raspberry:~ $ sudo apt update
3.: Install Mosquitto with:
pi@raspberry:~ $ sudo apt install -y mosquitto
4.: Install Clients:
pi@raspberry:~ $ sudo apt install -y mosquitto-clients

To enable auto-start on system boot type:
pi@raspberry:~ $ sudo systemctl enable mosquitto.service

Test Installation

To test the installation open a second terminal window.
From the first terminal subsribe to the “test” topic with the mosquitto_sub command:

pi@raspberry:~ $ mosquitto_sub -h localhost -t test

From the second terminal publish a “Hello World” message to the test topic with the mosquitto_pub:

pi@raspberry:~ $ mosquitto_pub -h localhost -t test -m “hello world”

When you hit enter you should see the Hello World message pop up in the first terminal window. Congratulations! You just send your first message 🙂