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Send DHT11 temperature/humidity data using MQTT

The following tutorial show you how you can send temperature and humidity data measured by DHT11 sensor connected to a nodeMCU / ESP8266 board with MQTT message. The messages are displayed in the WEB MQTT interactive MQTT web client dashboard with the gauge and chart UI elements. The following DHT11 library used: Source …

WEB MQTT – NodeMCU / ESP8266

The following video will shows how to control nodeMCU / ESP8266 with MQTT messages. In this first example I will control the builtin LED of the module with mqtt messages. The messages ar sent from the dashboard with buttons and a switch with pre-defined “on” and “off” messages. source code for the arduino code:


IntroductionNodeMCU is an ESP8266 Wi-Fi SoC (System On a Chip) based, open soruce IOT platform. The Base chip is an ESP8266 ESP-12 module.The name, “NodeMCU” refers mainly to the firmware itself, rather than the develeopment kit. The firmware uses Lua scripting language, but also available for Arduino IDE platform. So if you are familiar with …