WEB MQTT – Create and connect Client

WEB MQTT – Create and Connect MQTT Client

To use the MQTT websocket click on the following link


To connect to an MQTT broker at first you have to create a new client, click on the add new client button.

WEB MQTT – add new client button

The following form will appear for client creation

WEB MQTT – Add / edit client form

The following fields are required to add a new client:

  • Client name: A name for the client, for example: My MQTT Client
  • Broker Address: The ip address or hostname of the MQTT Broker / Server
  • Port: The port of the broker / Server, for example: 443
  • Client Id: The client id you want to use to connect to the broker, for example: my_client_id

WARNING!: You can only connect to MQTT Broker with Websocket and SSL support from this page. This is the reason why Use SSL field is always true and disabled from uncheck it.

WEB MQTT – Client Card List

If every required fields are filled the new client will appear in the list. You can add as many client as you want. If you want to change the client, click on the cog icon to edit it.

WEB MQTT – Edit Client

WARNING! Every client data are stored locally inside your web browser. If you move to an other computer, or open an other browser in the same computer you have to add your client again. If you re-open the same browser your client data will load.

If you want to connect to the broker click on the connect button at the bottom of the client card.

WEB MQTT – Connect client

If you connected to the MQTT broker / server successfully the dashboard will appear.

WEB MQTT – Client connected, Dashboard

To disconnect from the client simply refresh the page or click on the “Connected to: <Client Name> (Disconnect)” button.

WEB MQTT – Disconnect from client

To delete a client, click on the “X” button.

WEB MQTT – Delete client

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